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Our future will be built by you: the brightest and most diverse students of today.

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What We Do

The JetBlue Foundation is committed to championing diversity in STEM education and creating career pathways for the next generation in aviation.

We invest in students from diverse backgrounds to create a lifelong interest in STEM.

We partner with organizations and communities to provide access to STEM programs.

We create equal opportunities 
for all students to spark a passion for STEM.

We build a more diverse talent pipeline for the aviation industry.

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STEM Day! with the Boston Red Sox

The JetBlue Foundation hosted a booth at a pre-game STEM fair at Fenway stadium to demonstrate “How Planes Fly” through a quick iPad presentation about the Four Forces of Flight and a hands on activity using paper airplanes. After the presentation, students were encouraged to throw paper airplanes to see the physics of flight in action.


JetBlue Foundation at the South Florida Air Expo

JetBlue Foundation supported the Latino Pilots Association (LPA) and other JetBlue crewmembers at the SAFEE Aviation Expo held at Opa-Locka airport . Over 2,000 parents, caregivers, students community members, and aviation leaders came together in order to make this event a success. The children who attend were able to learn about the numerous roles JetBlue has to offer.


JetBlue Foundation helps kids "Fly Like a Girl"

The JetBlue Foundation’s annual “Fly like a girl” event is an opportunity for young girls and women to get their wings. This year, 100 girls from Salt Lake City came together to learn what it takes to soar in a career in aviation.


JetBlue Foundation and Project Scientist

The JetBlue Foundation sponsored Project Scientist’s STEM Expedition Summer Academy for more than 60 campers at Long Beach Airport (LGB). Students were able to receive an overview of JetBlue’s operation and learn from pilots and other crew members about career options within an airline. Project Scientist offers educational programming for girls in low-income background areas so they can participate in hand-on experiments and local field trips.


Joanna Geraghty: What It Means to be a Female Leader in the Industry

Joanna is the only current female president of the largest airlines in the country, but was unprepared for others to call her a trailblazer. For her, it’s the day-to-day that drives her passion for the airline industry, but she didn’t take an typical path to the top.


Partnering with OBAP to Help Students Touch the Skies

The JetBlue Foundation partnered with the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OBAP) to send students to camps in seven cities across the country to learn about what it is like to have a career in the aviation industry.